Our Philosophy

Today it seems there are more swim and beachwear brands than there are fish in the sea. The fashion industry produces 150 billion garments annually, many of which wind up on discount rails, burnt, or unloved and unworn in landfill.

At Nikki De Marchi we like to do things differently. We believe that LESS IS MORE.

All of our swimwear and beachwear is HANDMADE TO ORDER. Once an order has been placed, it is made and shipped within two weeks. This means you won’t find us hanging on rails in big department stores, or on the outnet.com. A Nikki De Marchi creation is a mindful choice that is always cherished.

The woman who wears Nikki De Marchi is buying into a new era of conscious fashion; an awareness that creativity and craftsmanship take time and waiting two weeks makes all the difference. She is the new bohemia: innovative and forward thinking with an added elegance and enduring sense of style that can only come from wisdom and the mantra 'Have bikini. Will travel.'

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